Faith Promise

We are very excited about our 53rd Annual Missions Conference. All our hearts should be stirred and challenged as we realize that through our participation in missions, many in the world who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ will have this opportunity.

Before we look at what Faith Promise giving is, let's first see what it is not:

What is the Faith Promise?

It is strictly between you and God. Faith Promise giving includes income one expects to receive plus additional income to be supplied through faith and prayer alone—trusting God to provide through you during the coming year. It is waiting before the Lord for His instructions as to what He wants you to give in reaching the world with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. It must be carried on by faith, that God will supply for other things which arise, as you proceed in giving what you promised.

How is the Faith Promise Plan Carried Out?

On Sunday morning, March 4 & 11, you will be asked to indicate on a special green Faith Promise Card provided, what amount you will give for the next year. You do this without putting your name on it. The money promised through our Faith Promises will be recorded and the Missions Committee will use these amounts to determine our missions budget for 2018-2019. Faith Promise gifts can be placed in the offering plate during any service of the church. It must be marked "Missions," however.

We trust that each of you will pray and ask what God would have you to do in our missionary giving. Through your participation, many will be reached for Christ. Faith Promise giving is another expression of our obedience to Christ's command to "make disciples of all nations."

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